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Bike Session #3

Yesterday was a real “don’t wanna go out”-day. The weather wasn’t very good and I felt so tired because of the painkillers I still have to take. I was really lazy until I pushed myself outside at 5pm, reminding me of the quote that you only regret those workouts you DON’T do. I grabbed my bike and went for my third cycling session! I slowly get used to it, but it can’t be compared with running, which I miss so much!!! 🙁

biking session #3

biking session #3

From k 2 to 12 the weather turned rainy and stormy and it was really hard to fight against the wind. As I enjoy running in the rain it made me feel kind of comfortable to feel the rain on my skin and I made the best out of this trip. Passing k 13 the sun showed up a few times! My goal was to go a little bit further than last time and I succeeded: nearly 32k 🙂 But I have to admit that the last 10k were really hard. It felt like one of the bikes tires was flat – but of course it wasn’t 😉

biking session #3 biking session #3

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