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Bike Session #6

Okay everyone, if the doctor tells you three times that cycling is good for you (and your injured foot), you better listen to him 😉 After I had a MRI yesterday I’m totally relieved that the metatarsal bone isn’t broken!! But I have an inflammation, accompanied with liquid around the bone. This is what my foot makes hurt so bad. Therapy will be: Cortison and Painkillers for about three weeks. No running until the pain is gone! I was desperately disappointed because I’m going to miss Nikes We own the Night City race in Amsterdam and Berlin, but the doctor was kind of sweet and reminded me of the possibility to cycle and that I should really do it. At least this is still the only move that doesn’t hurt!!

So after a long day sitting at the office I had two nice ab-workouts with the NTC-App and afterwards I did an arm workout to keep the muscles alive 🙂

NTC ab workout Nike TRaining Club App NTC ab workout Nike Training Club App

Then I dressed in my brandnew Club der Töchter-Shirt and went to the gym, having a cycling workout. I felt really great during it, but I have to admit that it wasn’t my best performance ever. My legs were heavy and I had problems to stay in the track, but that couldn’t drag me down 🙂

After all I felt so great that I was also able to walk out of the gym without pain!! But that was probably only because of the adrenalin, since a cycling workout couldn’t be the wonder I was hoping for – hoping to see a falling star tonight, that would maybe be more realistic 😉

cycling workout #6 me and my Club der Töchter Shirt

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