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First “fun run” after injury …

Yesterday I went out for my first “fun run” after my foot injury. I haven’t been running for five weeks, except of the two 10k races I’ve done in Amsterdam and Berlin. I still have to take painkillers and cortisone, but I can feel that the pain reliefs more and more. When I finished my workout yesterday evening I felt totally ready for a slow and easy run!

fun run

The rain was pouring, but nevertheless I felt unstoppable! First k seemed a little hard and I realized that it would be much work to get back into my old running flow. From k 2 on I was smiling and singing (according to my playlist ^^) all the time – it was a really, really great run!

While running I felt that 1. my leg muscles decreased a lot and 2. my cold made it hard to breathe, so I really tried to slow down and forget about my pace and the sportswatch. Normally I am too ambitious to not try to achieve a new PB so I guess this was my first “fun” run ever 🙂

It will be a lot of work to get back to my old condition, I know. It may take some time because I still have to take care of my foot as long as the pain isn’t gone. But since yesterday I know that I’ll definitely be back 🙂

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