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Half Marathon Training Week 10: Run 36

Oh well, the Friday intervals according to my half marathon training schedule nearly killed me this time … 🙁 I hate doing intervals outside as I can control my pace so much better on the treadmill. But as I was staying in Berlin for two days I thought it would be so much nicer to run outside. The weather was fantastic: beautiful sunshine at 7am! I was so ready to run!

Half Marathon Training Run 36 intervals runfree

Half Marathon Training Run 36 intervals runfree

But when I started running I felt that me legs were pretty sore, as I had been running 8 fast k the evening before. I continued running and also had some fast intervals, but I felt miserably tired and like I wasn’t having any energy at all. I didn’t find a good route, so I finally ran besides the streets, not knowing where I was going 😉 I really enjoyed running in the sun with a slow pace – maybe I should have gone for a slow run instead of those horrible intervals. I made only 3 of 5 intervals, then headed back to my hotel because my legs didn’t want to go any further.

After my run (35 minutes – honestly, I’m so disappointed about myself!) I went to the sauna and had a really really great recovery time. It was so nice to lie there, sweat and think about NOTHING 🙂 I guess I have to do this more often!

Half Marathon Training Run 36 intervals

Next run will be tomorrow: 20 slow kilometres!
Here’s my half marathon training schedule.

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