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Half Marathon Training Week 11: Run 38

Half Marathon Training Run Week 11 Run 38Half Marathon Training run 38 (yesterday) – Probably my last intervals before RuntotheBeat in London! It was really tough – I suffered from heavy pain in my foot and was about to cancel my training, but then I finally went out and tried my best on the treadmill. The pain stayed from the beginning up to kilometre six, then it released a bit. But I was really afraid of making things more worse, so I quit after 45 minutes (while I was supposed to do 60). I guess that was totally okay as I am in good shape for my first half. Now I need to relax and get my foot some rest!

As you might know resting isn’t my best discipline 😉 So I went for two strength workouts today (and sauna!) and tomorrow I will be running 4 easy kilometres in Berlin. Can’t wait because this will gonna be so much fun!

By the way, yesterday was the first anniversary of our Facebook-running-group #runthistown! I have met so great people in there that cheer each others up all the time! Thank you guys – you also helped me through my injury and to stay motivated! #RTT, you rock!

Half Marathon Training Run Week 11 Run 38
Here’s my half marathon training schedule.

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