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Half Marathon Training Week 5: Run 20

Half Marathon Training Run 20 Yesterday was the last running day of training week number 5! I was supposed to do 12k – after a tough Hot Iron workout in the afternoon and really heavy legs I allowed myself to only run 10k while pushing hard trough kilometre 3. After passing a nearby park and some of Hanovers monuments (as you can see on the left: The “Nanas”, created by Nici de la Saint Phalle) I continued towards the city centre and the kilometres flew by. I was running really slow and felt so comfortable! I enjoyed the evening sun and the crowded streets, so many people (and runners!) passing me by. I realized that all this “action” around me makes running easier for me compared to a run besides the river or in an empty park where nearly everything is calm and kind of looks the same. I never realized this that clearly.
On my way home my Nike+ app confused me by telling me I would have done nearly 14k, while my Nike Sports watch told me something about 12k … I continued running, because I wasn’t near to my house and it was getting dark (I really don’t like to run on empty streets when it’s dark … it kind of frightens me!) but at 12,5k (according to my watch – which was right, I checked my route via mapmyrun) I stopped. Of course I had been able to run the last 1,5k home, but on Monday there will be another 14k – and call me overanxious but I wanted to stick to my training schedule and not stress my foot more than required (as it is not perfectly well yet). So I turned my watch off and walked home – happy and feeling great! 🙂

Half Marathon Training Run 20

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