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Half Marathon Training Week 6: Run 22

20130724-224850.jpgOkay, you might wonder why I’m still stuck in training week 6 – I can explain that 😉 I skipped every run since last monday to focus on my strength workouts for the NTC SHOOTINGSTAR finals which took place in Heilbronn two days ago. I was really busy training my abs, my arms and my legs and push through the hard drills we were supposed to train (which were push-ups, squat jumps, v-ups, split jumps, froggers to shoulder press and those freaky killing burpees!!!). I guess those ten minutes of practising the drills each day were harder than a one hour Hot Iron workout or tow hours of running 😉 So I listened to my trainer and skipped everything that wasn’t helpful for the NTC finals.
My plan was to continue with a 16k on monday after the finals, but I returned to the hotel very late and besides it was way too hot to go out for a run (even when it was 1am – it didn’t cool down at night at all). So I decided to jump back into training week 6, continuing with the Wednesday Run I skipped last week. It was all about intervals:

10 minutes slow jog to get warm
6x1k speed up!
each fast section followed by 5 minutes of slow jog (recovery)



You can find this training run on my half marathon training schedule.

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