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Half Marathon Training Week 6: Run 23

20130726-165838.jpgAnother Friday-interval-run! I got up early this morning to complete my run before it was getting too hot outside. I never liked morning runs because I was always feeling so tired and powerless, but today was different. Right after getting up I ate a Powerbar energy bar (flavor: apple strudel – soooo delicious!) and fueled my body with a glass of Frubiase Sport endurance. Still feeling a little sleepy I went over to the gym and entered the treadmill – and what can I say, the run was awesome! I seemed to be in the same condition as I was in my evening runs, totally fueled up and enjoying every second of it.
I’m increasing my interval tempo now  – from max 12k/hours to 13k/hour for the last sprint. Finishing strong at 9 a.m. it was a really great way to start the day – still feeling powerful 😉


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