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Half Marathon Training Week 7: Run 25

Half Marathon Training Run 25Kick-off for training week number 7, run 25 – 16k, my longest distance ever! I felt like I was running too fast most of the run, but when I looked at my sportswatch I came across the sad truth: I have been slower than ever! But I guess that this isn’t a really bad thing as I was trying to keep my heartrate low and I just wanted to finish the 16k, not breaking records for the fastest mile or whatever.
Today I read that the body needs two hours of running to burn bad fat – every minute that you are running before is just your body trying to hang on his fat, not wanting to give it away. From two hours on your body thinks: I damn, this guy really needs energy or we will risk to die on this lonely, dirty street 😉 And here is the point: most people won’t succeed in running more than two hours if they are running too fast. And so don’t I. So I really get used to my slow and long runs, hoping to reach this 2 hour benchmark soon – fat, be ready to melt away 😉


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