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Half Marathon Training Week 9: Run 31

20130813-072005.jpgTraining week number 9 is on! I had my first 18k ever!!! In the afternoon I went to see my doctor because my foot (again!) and problems with my back. He set some thoracic vertebras and gave me a recipe for sport insoles for my running shoes, that hopefully will reduce my foot pain. When I returned home in the evening I felt really tired and my foot felt kind of numb … I struggled. Should I go out for a run or not? It took me about two hours and a nice dinner to decide that – having my half marathon in three weeks – there was no option about my scheduled run (here is my training schedule)! So I went out and while running the first steps I felt truely relieved and happy! It was awesome. I took a route around the “Maschsee”, a famous lake in Hanover where there’s a 3-week-celebration at the moment. It was fun watching the people drinking and having fun, while I was running my ass off. At k12 my phone battery was too low and so my phone shut down. 6k to go, without music! Ahhh! I was totally pissed of. Luckily it wasn’t that bad as I thought. The kilometres passed me by so fast, although I noticed that my pace wasn’t as good as it has always been with music. Nevertheless it was an awesome run and I am so happy that I went out instead of pitying myself on the couch 😉

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