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Half Marathon Training Week 9: Run 34

Half Marathon Training Run 34According to Nike Running Trainer Gil Cramer I changed my long half marathon training run (from monday) to sunday, as this is the day my half marathon takes place. I wanted to run early in the morning, but the bed was way too cosy and I was invited for brunch, so I switched my run to the evening. Right before I wanted to leave the hourse it started to rain – as nearly everytime I want to go for a long run! But hey, there is no such thing as bad weather! So I grabbed my waterproof running jacket and my cap and went out.

It was really nice as I ran directly into the sundown over the “Maschsee”.

Unfortunately my pace was slower than I expected 🙁 While running I felt like I was “sooo fast” and I increased spead already 5k before my finish point (while I normally do this 3k before finishing) … Maybe my watch was wrong, I don’t know, because it got me 18,2k instead of 18,6k like last week – and I ran the same route!! Curious …

Next run will be on thuesday: hills! I can already feel the pain 😉

Half Marathon Training Run 34

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  1. Jon Holmes

    20. August 2013 at 22:45

    Well done. Keep it up.

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