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Das perfekte Outfit für einen Sommerlauf


When I arrived at home today something really nice was waiting for me. Two boxes. Brown. Small, but big enough to keep beautiful things inside.

And although I’m a little sick I jumped around because I waited for these two boxes so much 🙂

May I introduce you to my new running outfit?20130528-111936.jpg

I won it some weeks ago at a competition from glamour magazine. I really appreciate this win because when Nike released their Free 5.0 I immediately fell in love! I HAD to have those shoes! And the top, and the shorts … 😉 I was about to shop everything, then I saw the competition in glamour and I thought: okay, why not trying to be patient, NOT ordering it right now and instead signing up for the competition? I mean, there was a slight chance I could win, wasn’t there?
Of course there was not, because normally I don’t win things I really want. It’s like an unwritten law. That’s why I stopped taking part at any competitions – it only depresses me. So this time I only did it for the “well, I tried, didn’t succeed… So, I’m gonna shop those shoes now” 😉

When I received the letter from glamour magazine some weeks later I went totally crazy 🙂 I jumped around (as good as you can while walking with crutches) and wasn’t able to erase a big big smile off my face for the next two days.

So, today here it is and I wanna say thank you to glamour magazine and of course Nike for that great, great outfit! These are exactly the colors I wanted to shop! And the whole outfit looks SO nice! For all of you who fell in love too: It’s the Nike Free Run 5.0 , the Tempo Track Shorts and the Boxy Running Tank Top!

I totally love it 🙂 Another reason to #makeitcount


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