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Nike+ Fuelband, your daily activity trackerNike+ Fuelband, your daily activity tracker

Nike Fuelband Black Ice White Ice BlackToday I want to tell you something about the Nike+ Fuelband. It’s available in the US and in most parts of Europe and on and it’s kind of an activity tracker that keeps you motivated to move a bit more!

I bought my black Fuelband during a holiday in London one year ago (btw, the Fuelband is still not available in germany. If you want to order it on you have to change your country to UK, then add the Fuelband to your shopping card and before checking out change back to germany. The Fuelband will be send from Belgium). At that time I was already waiting for it for about one year, that’s why I was sooo happy to finally shop it 🙂

Nike Fuelband

The Fuelband has a nice clean look and comes in three colours: black, ice white and ice black. It uses a tri-axis accelerometer to track your steps and it calculates burned calories and “fuel”-points, which is Nikes measurement for activity. For women size S is recommended, men should go for a M or L. The prize is 149$.
For using the Fuelband you first have to download the Nike+ Connect Software (you might also need it for the GPS Sportswatch or other Nike+ devices) and the Nike+ Fuelband App for your smartphone. Then connect your Fuelband to the PC and set up a Nike+ Account (if you don’t have one already). nike+ connect software

Using Nike+ Connect you have to set your profile, including size, weight and other information. Size, weight and gender are required for calculating your calories/ fuel points. You may also set your daily goal via Nike+ Connect (it’s also possible in the app). When you set up your Fuelband for the first time Nike provides some choices for a normal / active / very active day.

Due to its clean look the Fuelband looks really nice as part of nearly any armparty; you may wear it all day, no matter if you are in business, casual or party style. The Fuelband LEDs display: Fuelpoints, calories, steps and time (so you may also use it as a watch, like I do).

Nike+ Fuelband The activity is being measured by your hand movement – and YES, you can cheat easily by just waving for some minutes instead of moving a whole day. But why should you? I don’t think that this is a point to criticize, even though some people do. The Fuelband is supposed to motivate you to move – and not to make you cheating on yourself! Wearing the Fuelband makes it possible for you to track how often and how much you move during the day. You get a 24hours statistic of your activity and of course your Fuelband will tell you if you’ve hit your daily goal by the end of the day.

You will soon feel the “challenge” of reaching your goal or even soak it 🙂 Instead of taking the bus you might want to walk to the supermarket and instead of the elevator you’ll take the stairs. You might want to go out for an extra run in the evening because you’ve been lazy all day and you’re far away from reaching your goal. I personally think that the Fuelband is a nice gimmick for active people – but they will be active anyway. People who are less active might benefit from the Fuelband a bit more because they do need that “kick in the ass” to stay motivated.

NIke+ Fuelband Activity

You will find stats and get rewards for records, e.g. for your best monday, best month, 30-day-streak and so on. I love the little animations you see after a very active day! Nike+ Fuelband Record They are always glittering or glowing and sometimes the NikeFuel mascot (a black dog-looking character) jumps in. Call me a freak but I always try to soak my goal at least for those animations 😉 You can easily share your goals hit via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Nike+ Fuelband LeaderboardTo compare your activity to your friends you’ve got a Leaderboard.

The Fuelband can be synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth or via USB to your computer. I have to charge the batterie (via charging dock) every 3 days, but that depends on the band size you chose (I have a S).

Here’s a nice video about athletes using their Fuelbands:

I personally love my Fuelband! Nike+ Fuelband Armparty I wear it everyday, just taking it off for sleep and shower. It shows me how active I actually am and that’s a good feeling. And of course it’s really stylish 😉

If you have any questions about the Fuelband feel free to ask in the comments 🙂

What are your experiences with it?


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