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Nikes We own the Night – That’s when we all turn into stars :-)

Nikes City races are about to come over five towns – my first WOTN run is on 19 may in Amsterdam, followed by Berlin on 24 May. I still hope that my foot will be okay next week so I’ll be able to enjoy those great runs. Today Nike announced that CRO & Band will be performing after the run in Berlin; how awesome is that?!?
To remind you of signing up (if you haven’t got already 🙂 ) in your city (Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Milano, Paris) and to spread some We own the night feeling I found a really great song on youtube!  

That could be the soundtrack of our runs, what do you think? 😉 I really like the music and the lyrics fit very well to WOTN! We will all be turning into stars girls! 🙂

We own the night
Another day is done and I’ve begun
When the moonlight comes I’m free to run
Wanna have some fun
erase the sun tonight

When the sun goes down on the boulevard
That’s when we all turn into stars
We own the night


And this is one of the CRO Songs we will be dancing to after the run 😉

So, are you ready to own the night? Register now!

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