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Work That Abs Challenge – Day 15

Monday,  Ab challenge day 15! Week three has started!

It’s getting hot in germany and so I spent a really nice afternoon and evening in the sun, waiting for the cold of the night to come to have my workout. When I went out for running it was still really warm and I ran with slow pace (6:44 / k). During the last runs I had problems with me knees hurting and my endurance – this time I enjoyed 10 really comfortable kilometers. I guess after my injury I wanted my old pace (5:45) back too much and tried to fight for it too hard. Yesterday I realized that it isn’t about time. It’s about the great feeling you get while running, conquering the streets. It’s about running as far as you wanted to run, not about boosting your pace.

Remember that I had a half marathon training going on? I think I’ll go on with the kilometers now – slow, but steady 🙂

4 weeks ab challenge day 15

Note: This schedule is for advanced level! If you are a beginner simply reduce the time/reps. Instead of 1 min you might go for 30 seconds and instead of 20 reps you might try 10. 

What did I eat today?

  • breakfast:overnight oatmeal with strawberries
  • lunch: pineapple slices, strwaberries & corn waffles
  • dinner: structured soy protein & vegetables

What’s up for tomorrow?

Tomorrow is rest day 🙂

Some of the exercises are from the Nike Training Club App. You might want to download here.

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