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Work That Abs Challenge – Day 17

Yesterday – after a rest day on Tuesday – was day 17 of my Ab challenge ! Do you already see results? I do!

It’s pretty hot in Germany and so had my run in the early morning. It was a really tough one, 4×2 intervals with 4mins walking in between. Had to fight trough that one! But it was worth it! Unfortunately my GPS watch went black right before I wanted to start my run, so I had to use the Nike+ Running App. some time ago I felt really uncomfortable with it, because the GPS signal was always wrong and the App made me a lot faster than I actually was. Yesterday the App worked –  they must have make some improvements!
btw: my GPS watch wasn’t broken (as I first thought)  – the battery was empty 😀

4 weeks ab challenge day 15


Note: This schedule is for advanced level! If you are a beginner simply reduce the time/reps. Instead of 1 min you might go for 30 seconds and instead of 20 reps you might try 10. 

What did I eat today?

  • breakfast:overnight oatmeal with strawberries
  • lunch: pineapple slices & corn waffles with peanut butter
  • dinner: Soy “Schnitzel”, Quiona, Salsifies

What’s up for tomorrow?


Some of the exercises are from the Nike Training Club App. You might want to download here.

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