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Work That Abs Challenge – Day 22

Yesterday we reached week 4 of my Ab challenge. Time to increase reps in the last third of your workout!

4 weeks ab challenge day 22

Note: This schedule is for advanced level! If you are a beginner simply reduce the time/reps. Instead of 1 min you might go for 30 seconds and instead of 20 reps you might try 10. 

I also went for a run today. Unfortunately the pain in my foot returned and so I only did 3k instead of 12k, which was my actual goal 🙁 But since I weren’t able to run for six weeks I learned that it’s better to give in while feeling pain instead of ignoring it – I really never want to rest such a long time just because of my burning ambition!

What did I eat today?

  • breakfast: apple pie oatmeal
  • lunch: pineapple slices & corn waffles with peanut butter
  • dinner: fish, salsify and beet with feta

What’s up for tomorrow?

Bad news: We are going to cut the carbohydrates right now! So just leave them out while preparing your overnight “oat”meal and go for some more soy flakes, flax seeds and fruits!

Some of the exercises are from the Nike Training Club App. You might want to download here.

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