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Work That Abs Challenge – Day 7

Okay, it’s day number seven of my Ab challenge! It was my first “real challenge” because I went to a birthday party in a restaurant. It was that kind of restaurant where you won’t find anything healthy on the card – really, everything seemed to be made with butter or cream! I decided to have a steak with salad – the only dish that fit into my diet. That’s what I thought! Because when I got my plate and tasted the salad it was like …. Urgh! Someone must have put tons of sugar on it!! It was really disgusting. Next time I probably have to say: I’ll have a salad with sugar, please! That’s weird, isn’t it?

4 weeks ab challenge day 7

Note: This schedule is for advanced level! If you are a beginner simply reduce the time/reps. Instead of 1 min you might go for 30 seconds and instead of 20 reps you might try 10.

What did I eat today?

  • breakfast (8 am): apple pie oatmealwith strawberries
  • lunch (1pm): steak & salad
  • snack: strawberries
  • dinner: vegetables, structured soy protein & feta cheese

What’s up for tomorrow?

Some of the exercises are from the Nike Training Club App. You might want to download here.

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